Aesthetica Brow Contour Kit – 16-Piece Contouring Eyebrow Makeup Palette

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Aesthetica Cosmetics Brow Contour Kit – 16-Piece Contouring Eyebrow Makeup Palette – Includes Powders, Wax, Stencils, Spoolie/Brush Duo, Tweezers & Step-by-Step...


The Aesthetica Brow Contour Kit is not only the ideal remedy for those everyday brow contouring needs; it's also comprised of specially curated, expert tools, designed to transform those celebrity brow aspirations from just a dream to reality. The Aesthetica Brow Contour Kit is the only all-inclusive eyebrow defining palette in the industry.

Each kit includes: A Step-by-Step Instructions and Brow Shaping Guide, 6 blend-able brow powders High Definition Highlighting Powder, Cream Concealer and Highlighter, Setting Wax / Pomade, Full Length Professional Tweezers, 5 Eyebrow Stencils in classic and timeless brow shapes and an Aesthetica Pro Series Double Ended Brow Brush with Spoolie

Thanks to the rich, earthy and perfectly pigmented colors, this kit has simplified the art of the perfect brow. 

Suitable for all skin types and skin tones - Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free and Gluten Free

Each pallet contains six different shades that are ideal for flawless color matching. We also included a cream concealer and highlight powder to sculpt and define your brows to perfection. Our unique kit provides you with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions that will give you the confidence to shape and maintain beautiful brows on your own or in-between appointments!

The Aesthetica Brow Contour Kit includes:


Personalized Color: All of our beautiful brow powders can be mixed and matched allowing you to find your perfect shade

Full Length High-End Tweezers: Professional tweezers are ideal for grabbing even the most stubborn or fine brow hair

Eyebrow Stencils: Choose between our five different stencils and create your own personalized brow shape

Amazing Application Tools: Use our Full Length Pro Series Double-Ended Brow Brush with Spoolie for a flawless application

Setting Wax: Our high-quality wax keeps brows in place all day or all night

Cream Concealer and Highlighter: This multi-tasking cream concealer and highlighter works to conceal imperfections and accentuate and perfect your brows

Highlighting Powder: This highlighting powder allows you to define your brows for a polished look

Make Your Brows Look Brow Bar Worthy!

Define & Fill - Choose a stencil that best fits by aligning the stencil along your brow. Choose an eyebrow shade. Fill in your brows.

Tweeze & Shape - Tweeze any hair that grows outside the stenciled area.

Set - Using the angled side of the double ended brow brush apply the wax on your brows. Brush out any clumps or excess wax.

Highlight and Enhance - Apply the cream concealer and the highlight powder beneath your brows and blend.

You Can Have the Beautiful Brows You’ve Always Wanted!                             

The Aesthetica Brow Kit comes with 6 blendable brow powders to match almost any color brow.

Soft Blonde


Soft Brunette


Dark Brunette


This amazing brow set is like your own personal and portable brow bar that includes everything you need to define, fill and shape your brows, in one travel-friendly mirrored palette.

Create classic and timeless brow shapes with the 5 eyebrow stencils included in the brow kit. Choose from these brow shapes:

Classic Arch

Thick Arch

Natural Arch

Slight Arch

Delicate Arch

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